I’m turning 33 in a few days. It’s not a big milestone birthday or one I’m particularly dreading. I still remember my 18th birthday. I spent the longest time looking at myself in the mirror the night before, analyzing for wrinkles, white hair, etc. Of course there were none. The next day, I expected some magical transformation into adulthood. Instead, it was a normal day, celebrated with family at the Heathman, the same hotel we held our wedding reception seven years later. 

My husband was asking me what I want for my birthday yesterday. Because we are still unpacking, I can’t think of a single THING that I want – no clothes, bags, shoes, or books because we have so much stuff. And I don’t want to unpack it all. I’ve seriously considered giving away all my books to a local high school because I don’t want to unpack them. And I’m a librarian…

What I do want is:

  • For my child to go to sleep easily and sleep through the night
  • A physically pain-free day (week! year!)
  • A great meal at a new-to-me restaurant, like Andina or El Gaucho
  • My mom’s lasagna
  • A few pints of Salt & Straw ice cream in my fridge
  • A gathering of my friends, from all over, to celebrate with me (a girl can dream, right?)

Did you get what you wanted on your last birthday? 


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