Goodnight, Seattle

For three and a half days, I was a librarian and a tourist in a city that is both wonderful and confusing. Thanks to my husband and our parents, Future President was well tended and barely noticed I was gone. It was lovely to stay up as late as I wanted (er, as late as my body would allow) and wake up without an alarm.

Guess what? As a parent, the body turns in to a machine. I am incapable of sleeping in past 7.

It was so wonderful to see my librarian classmates and former boss.

I took a few pictures, not nearly enough to capture how hilarious my friends are, how the city is both dirty and beautiful, and how wonderful it was to be surrounded by smart, intelligent and interesting colleagues.

However, here are a few photos. Thanks to everyone who made my few days away possible!

The Space Needle reflected in the Experience the Music Project Museum, where law librarians danced the night away.

The Seattle Ferris wheel reflected in a window of the Seattle Aquarium, another great location for a reception.

The Library Bistro, perhaps the best choice ever for a reception site for librarians.



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