A Year Without Shopping

Someone I know is embarking on a perilous journey beginning August 1: no “retail therapy” for a year. Why? Just because. She wants to see if she can go a whole year without buying clothes, shoes, purses, and anything home related unless it’s absolutely necessary. She’s spending this month assessing if she needs anything, like undergarments and sneakers, to make it through a year. 

A whole year. No shopping.

It made me pause and wonder if I could do it. We just moved and while unpacking, I discovered at least 2 pair of pants that still have tags on them. Granted, they are 2 sizes too small right now, but I just shook my head. I bought these beautiful wool pants. And never wore them. 

Of course, my plan is to fit into these pants someday. Sooner, rather than later, of course. 

And frankly, without taking inventory, I can honestly say that I do not need to go shopping for a year. I don’t need any more clothes or shoes or purses or jewelry. While I’m not planning to begin a year of not shopping, I am completely inspired by my friend’s retail-not journey. This means less shopping, period, because the less I shop – even window shop – the less likely I am to buy something. This means unsubscribing to all of my favorite online shopping sites, blocking them from my Facebook feed and unfollowing them on Twitter. 

Have you ever tried something like this? One year my sister went an entire year without eating chocolate!


3 thoughts on “A Year Without Shopping

  1. Wow! I’m not much of a shopper in the clothes/accessories department, but I should consider some type of spending moratorium on household stuff, especially holiday decorations (ahem). Truth be told though, I do most of my impulse shopping on groceries!

  2. I could probably go without all of the things above but a year without a new book? Impossible! 😀

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