Make This Dessert

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a new favorite dessert – or rather, another top dessert and like the other one, prominently features peanut butter and chocolate.

20130705-160758.jpg It’s really no surprise both of these desserts come from the same blogger! I basically want to live in her house and eat everything she makes. Thanks, Averie!

I followed her recipe exactly, including the addition of light corn syrup and shortening. Just add them like she tells you to. Totally worth it. My marbling pattern on the top definitely looked amateurish but who cares? I’m not entering any baking competitions!

I haven’t even mentioned the best part: you don’t even need an oven. Just a microwave. Amazing! This, along with the amazing cookies and chocolate mint ice cream pie, is sure to make the dessert rotation all summer!

My son, who is not a cake or cupcake fan, loves biscotti, cookies and now this dessert. It’s gratifying to make a quick dessert like this that everyone, including my 2 year old, loves!

But this dessert, just like the cookie recipe, requires fridge time. I don’t recommend making these when your child is awake because there’s no instant gratification.


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