Friday Reads

As a parent of an iPad-loving toddler, the article The Touch-Screen Generation was really intriguing. Especially since we claimed we weren’t going to let him have any screen time before age 2. Never, ever makes claims like that until you have children.

In 1961, before she had even completed her application to Harvard, a woman received a letter warning her about the potential hardships she would face if she chose her career over family and children. This is her response today.

Ten Things I Learned From Loving “Anne of Green Gables” made me nostalgic for elementary school, when Anne and Gilbert were my romantic heroes.

I needed a good laugh, especially after moving this week. Thanks to B for sending me the link to The Most Embarrassing Things Ever Blurted Out By Kids.

Savings Books From My Son made me teary eyed because I’m already dreading the day when my toddler’s favorites, like Chu’s Day and Little Blue Truck, get shoved under the bed for new favorites, books he doesn’t want to share with us and stays up late with a flashlight, just like his dad.


One thought on “Friday Reads

  1. I must continually remind myself not to make pre-children proclamations like that. My current one: No child of mine will have a cell phone before high school! By the time I have a kid, they’ll probably be hard wired. Ugh.

    Loved your Anne of Green Gables link! I just bought the entire series on Amazon for $.99 and I’m leisurely re-reading.

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