A Dairy-Free Failure

I tried really, really hard to eat a dairy-free diet for a month.

But I failed miserably. I lasted about two weeks completely dairy free, and like magic my face cleared up. But the temptation of ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt was just too strong. The pull of cow’s milk was my biggest downfall. I hate soy milk and almond milk is a good substitute, but Starbucks only offers soy and cow’s milk. (I know, I know…just stop going to Starbucks.) If I could find more almond milk-based products, I think I would do better.

I’ve figured out that because I don’t feel physically ill after eating dairy, I don’t have as much incentive to stay away. Gluten makes me physically ill. I cheated a few weeks ago on some amazing-looking trout fritters the spouse ordered at a restaurant. They were amazing – deep fried and doughy, served with a delicious balsamic sauce. And I paid the price for tasting (devouring) them.

I ate some ice cream a few days ago and my acne immediately flared up. The only thing preventing a full-blown disaster is the African black soap I’m using. This product is miraculous. I’ve only been able to find it at Target and online, but if you have acne, I suggest you hunt down this product.

If you’ve switched to a dairy-free diet, I would love to hear your suggestions about surviving the cow milk withdrawal. I’ve already heard from a few friends that the key is finding tasty enough substitutes that you don’t miss cow’s milk.

Hey Starbucks – are you listening? For those of us who hate soy milk, could you please carry almond milk? Please and thank you.


2 thoughts on “A Dairy-Free Failure

  1. Oh I have never thought about the connection between my acne and dairy! I can’t have much soy because of hormonal acne. I got on a tofu smoothie kick last summer and suffered dearly. Having just been diagnosed with rosacea on top of everything, I’m curious to see if limiting dairy would help. How long after cutting out dairy did you notice a difference?

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