How to Avoid Commuter Rage

I’ve mentioned before that I have a terrible commute. I live 26 miles from work, a commute that can take up to an hour and a half on a bad day.

It took me a couple months to figure out that the only way to stay sane is to listen to something interesting enough to keep my mind engaged. At first it was NPR. But then I got bored. I’m not a news junkie and my commute coincided with boring programs.

As I’ve talked about before, podcasts and audiobooks became my salvation. Through friends, I discovered the Nerdist and Pop Culture Happy Hour (I want Linda Holmes’ job. Damn it, she was even a lawyer once!!!). I found The Moth and continued listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! I even tried Dan Savage’s podcast, but it’s um…a bit much.

I’ve discovered the key to quelching commuter rage (I’m sure I have some form of it!). Choose a book or podcast that is so interesting you don’t want the commute to end. Most recently, it’s been The Art of Fielding and Night Music by way of books. I’ve recently enjoyed the Nerdist interviews with Nick Offerman and Steve Carell and The Moth’s Elna Baker.

Tonight I was listening to The Informationist. It’s not the type of book I would normally read but that’s what’s so great about actually browsing a physical library’s shelves. The cover looked interesting and description captivated me. And tonight I just wanted to keep driving and driving.


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