To My Son

At the park even though it snowed this morning.

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Did you have a good Mother’s Day? I got to shop for a few hours with my mom (child and husband free!) and we found a few great deals. Appropriately so, since my mom is the one who taught me all about sales! We also enjoyed a meal out with the whole family and Future President, my husband and parents all gave me gifts. It was a good day.

His very own sunnies.

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I’m so thankful to my son for giving me the gift of motherhood. I know he didn’t technically orchestrate the whole thing (thanks, babe!) but I am truly blessed.

Thanks to this little guy, I know the joy of motherhood. #mothersday

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Dear Future President,
Thank you for giving me a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother and not just a daughter.

You make me laugh and smile. You came into our lives at the perfect moment, even though it felt chaotic at the time. Daddy was a few days away from taking the bar (in a different state, no less!) and we had just moved into a new house a few weeks before you were born. In fact, Daddy wasn’t even home the day you were born because you arrived early. It’s a good thing he wasn’t far away and could drive a few hours to be at the hospital with me. Since you took a long time to arrive, he arrived in plenty of time to meet you.

You are hilarious, loving and full of life and spunk. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to see me, day after day, morning after morning. If you ever have a sibling, I can only hope they are as wonderful as you. Thank you for giving me a million reasons to smile. I love you!



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