Friday Reads

These are the lines of a story resonated with me so much. Thanks to my BFF B for sending me the link to his blog! Mommy tummies, with their pooches and stretch marks, certainly do tell a story. I hope I can think of mine like that some day. (Read the comments, too.)

Speaking of the Mommy tummy, I’m pretty sure mine would almost go away if I tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet, just like this author did. Except just like her, I’d go broke.

And this story about what a Mother’s Day card should really say, something like ‘Dear Mom, Thanks for Rocking Those Gigantic Varicose Veins, Which I Caused,’ is awesome. Thanks to C for posting the link.

Mother’s Day is not an easy day for all moms, or women who want to be moms but haven’t been yet. E’s blog takes you on a journey of parenthood that is so loving even though her daughter isn’t here any more. Read it.


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