What Not to Buy Your Mom

I get that Mother’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. And many of my friends have complicated relationships with motherhood, so in a sense this day makes me think of them.

But inevitably if you have a mom or mother figure in your life, you probably feel obligated to get her something. (By the way, Mother’s Day is Sunday.)

Please don’t get her a vacuum cleaner, a pot or pan, a weight loss product or wrinkle cream. (Unless she has specifically requested one of these items.) In general, what I’m saying is this: don’t get her a cleaning or kitchen product or anything to suggest she’s not perfect the way she is.

You can’t go wrong with family pictures in a nice frame. My mom is notoriously hard to shop for because she doesn’t want anything and is extremely frugal. I think I pulled off a good surprise this year because I overheard her saying she liked something in a nice store. Hopefully she hasn’t bought it for herself already! In the past I’ve been successful with a pound of See’s candy (California brittle), framed photos and Stickygram magnets, mostly of my parents and Future President.

This piece is not only hilarious but true: What Mothers Really Want. My ideal day would include no cooking or cleaning, three or four uninterrupted hours all to myself to shop or get a pedicure (or both!), a nice long nap and a homemade card. But I wouldn’t turn away anything on this list, either.

I really, really love my kid. But both he and his father make terrible shopping companions.


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