Hungry for Thai Food

After I read this piece in Newsweek called Food to Die For in Bangkok, I got hungry for Thai food. Real, authentic street food, the kind I enjoyed morning, noon, night and midnight for a year when I lived there 13 years ago.

I really wish blogging had existed 13 years ago. Maybe it did and I just didn’t know about it. Instead, my time in Thailand is documented in both long and short emails to friends and family. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t save those emails. (Anyone want to forward them to me if you saved them?) However, I did keep a daily journal. Thankfully those food memories are documented somewhere for me to easily (when our stuff is out of storage) access.

What food do I miss most? Khanom krok (ขนมครก), which I haven’t eaten since leaving Thailand. It’s a coconut custard dessert that I especially loved to eat with corn filling. I haven’t found a Thai restaurant that makes this dessert, and since I’ve been craving it for YEARS, I guess I need to figure out how to make it myself. This was always my go-to midnight snack (or anytime snack, really) and a street vendor just happened to be a block away from our apartment.

We are lucky that khao neow ma muang (mangoes and sticky rice) has made it onto the menu of most Thai restaurants here in the states. But nothing I’ve found in the U.S. compares to Bangkok’s version in portion size or price of this tasty dessert.

Luckily, in Portland we are fortunate to have Nong’s Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice), a delicious and simple dish I hadn’t eaten since leaving Thailand and finding here.

Here’s a picture of this yummy dish:

Since moving back to the Portland area, we frequent Arawan, Ginger Pop, and Planet Thai. But I’m always looking for the best Thai food in a 30 mile radius. Any recommendations?

In Utah, we loved Chanon Thai (pro tip: order take out – the portion sizes are bigger!). What’s your favorite Thai restaurant? (And if you’ve found a Thai restaurant in the PNW that serves khanom krok, you are my new best friend.)


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