10 Years Later

I’m going to my 10 year college reunion this coming weekend. It’s sort of surreal. I’ve been back to my college town many, many times since then to visit friends who are lucky enough to still live there, attend weddings, go to my 10 year high school reunion, etc.

So I’m not going back anxious about what I’ll find. My little college town is even more amazing than when I graduated. MUCH better restaurants. (Seriously, I remember when Taco Bell AND Starbucks first appeared!) Still the same stupid speed limits, though. Fabulous friends.

But 10 years out of college is supposed to feel old, right? I remember thinking, way back then, that it would be so weird to visit in 10 years. That so much time would have passed, so many life events would have transpired, that I would be a different, much older, wiser soul. 


Yes, I’m older. (Sometimes I wish I actually LOOKED older, considering the students I work with, not to mention the faculty, think I’m a student, too.) And I’m married. I have a kid. I guess I just expected MORE to happen, you know? More big things. But I suppose that’s what happens when you go to school for four more years after college graduation.

Seriously, don’t go to law school. Just don’t. Trust me on that one.

So I tell myself to go, enjoy, eat some good food, hang out with friends, and not dwell on all the stuff that hasn’t happened.


2 thoughts on “10 Years Later

  1. I really resonate with your thoughts on this post. When I was a kid, I had an imagination that worked overtime, envisioning myself as pretty spectacular (especially careerwise) by the time I turned 25. Well, I’m still struggling to find a job. I have a supportive family and books, so I am grateful for those things. Expectations suck though.

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