Friday Reads

Peter Sagal: Eyewitness to Bravery, Horror
I’m used to hearing his voice on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” In this article, Peter Sagal talks about his experience at the Boston Marathon.

Getting Stuffed: A Tale of Love and Taxidermy
As usual, David Sedaris is hilarious, even when talking about shopping for a stuffed owl. He’s coming to Portland in a week and tickets are still available. Early Mother’s Day gift, perhaps?

The Ups and Downs of “Seesaw Marriages”
It’s my turn to stay at home with the kids, then it’s yours when a perfect opportunity arises to advance your career. Apparently these are called “seesaw marriages.” Why don’t both parents work and send their kid to daycare? Maybe I’m too cynical.


2 thoughts on “Friday Reads

  1. The short answer about the childcare situation, as I see it: if one partner is making enough money to push the family into a higher tax bracket but not so much that this partner is making much more over the cost of childcare, then there’s a disincentive for that partner to work. Also, there are some people who really just don’t want their kids in daycare. (Full disclosure: I’ve worked and had a nanny, daycare, and preschool, and have also stayed home.)

    I would love to see Sedaris in person! Go!

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