A Bedtime Stories Baby Shower

I had the honor of throwing a dear friend a baby shower on Sunday afternoon, and thanks to a lot of help from her church friends, we had a lovely and stress-free time!

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a lot of inspiration for the Bedtime Stories theme. I didn’t want a super-girly theme or too much pink, even though my friend knows she’s having a girl. She requested something “not too girly” and I think we did a good job on that front. I just used a few pink accents in case anyone was wondering about the baby’s gender.


For decorations, the mom-to-be’s sister cut out clouds, moons, stars and books. We used twine and mini clothespins to hang the cutouts and created a mobile-like fixture above the dessert and juice table. I brought some of Future President’s books to use as decorations, too. We used white Christmas lights to decorate as well.


For food, I wanted to continue the theme of Bedtime Stories, so each food item was named for a children’s book or, in keeping with the bedtime theme, something along the lines of Naptime Delight Cake, Full-Moon bagels, etc.

Pictured below: Green Eggs and Wham and Beatrix Potter Pasta Salad.



The ladies helping me went above and beyond with their willingness to help and their creativity. Check out the cake and cupcakes!




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