Reasons my Son is Happy

If you are a parent or caretaker of a toddler, the Reasons My Son is Crying tumblr will make you laugh so hard you can barely stand.

My co-worker jokingly asked me if I was going to make a Reasons my Son is Happy tumblr in response, since I am lucky enough to parent one of the world’s happiest babies (most of the time).

Off the top of my head, here are 15 reasons my son is happy:

  1. Daddy’s home.
  2. Mommy’s home.
  3. Feeding kitty.
  4. The Playmobil train video on YouTube that is literally just an electric train going around a track.
  5. Olives!
  6. Bubbles of milk in his sippy cup.
  7. Little Blue Truck books
  8. Mater and Lightening McQueen, in almost any capacity – large, small, on the big screen, on the iPad.
  9. Nanny’s house
  10. Moo moos and bok-boks on the way to Nanny’s house
  11. Any semi truck, which he refers to as “Mac truck, Lightening McQueen inside!”
  12. PopPop’s truck
  13. Fish crackers
  14. Daddy George and Baby George (His large and small Curious Georges)
  15. Throwing his stuffed kitty in the water when stomping in muddy puddles.

But as any parent of a toddler knows, any of these items on this list may make him cry. For reasons we will never understand.


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