I’m in the AD Camp

In my family, there are two camps: the Arrested Development camp and the Curb Your Enthusiasm camp. I fall squarely into the AD camp, while my husband and Larry David could hang out all day, grumpy at each other, and be perfectly content.

I am not a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan. AT ALL. Even the theme music makes me jumpy and want to say something politically correct to compensate for simply hearing it.

So while I re-watch the first three seasons of AD by myself in anticipation of season 4 being released on May 26 (hey, hey, guess what I’m doing Memorial Day weekend!), I can also happily enjoy the nine posters Netflix just released, including these two:

Arrested Development posterArrested Development posterHow about you? Which camp are you in? Or can you stomach BOTH Larry David and Lucille Bluth?


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