Me Before You

I have just finished Me Before You and am a complete mess. John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, has serious competition for crafting the most devastating love story of the past few years. I checked out the audiobook version and almost wished my commute was even longer so I could keep listening! I also cursed the audiobook format, because it’s not as easy to cheat like it is with a regular book. How I desperately wanted to flip to the back of the book to take a peak at the ending. Because I honestly had no idea how it was going to end.

Me Before You is both a love story and a story of a family torn apart when their adult son and brother is injured in a motorbike accident. As a quadriplegic, Will is depressed and has lost any desire to live. The family hires Louisa to help care for Will and perhaps cheer him up. The New York Times’ review is more revealing in the books’ details than I care to be here (I hate spoilers!) but the reviewer and I both agree: you need to read this book. It’s perfect book club material. And since I can’t find a book club around here, please, someone read it so I’m not the only one weeping in her bed.


3 thoughts on “Me Before You

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