Carnival Cruise Lines is Not Just the Name of a Case

A forum-selection clause discussion inevitably leads to Carnival Cruise Lines. Even I (the woman who HATED any discussion that involved convoluted jurisdictional issues) remember that case from Civ Pro.

So this morning when the spouse and I saw this headline from the ABA Journal about SCOTUS granting cert in a forum-selection clause case, we ended up at Carnival Cruise Lines

Mr. J.D.: Wow, that’s really interesting that the 5th Circuit held that way. It’s a conservative circuit. I’m surprised they aren’t citing Carnival Cruise Lines in the article, though.

Mrs. J.D.: Yeah, that’s true. 

Mr. J.D.: When you buy a ticket, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

Mrs. J.D.: Carnival Cruise Lines! (Shudders.) Wow, I can’t believe I actually remember that case. But I agree, I thought this was already a long-decided line of case law. Terms and conditions, forum selection of the business.

Mini-J.D.: Cruise Lines! [He pipes up from the family room, where he’s busily been playing with his cars on the floor. And apparently listening, too.]

Our son will know the name of forum-clause cases before he understands what an actual cruise is, I’m sure of it. At least he knows what a boat is, and a train. It’s a good thing we didn’t start with Palsgraf before introducing him to the Brio train set and Thomas! 


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