Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

The weather is so bloody nice that everything I’m allergic to is blooming. So while on the one hand I’d love to spend the whole day outside, the half hour I did yesterday required a Benadryl because of a weird grass rash on my arms, which then meant I was asleep by 8:30. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, happy Easter!


Last year, Future President was too young to really get the whole egg hunt thing. As soon as he realized there were puffs inside the plastic egg he found first, he was too distracted to care about finding the rest we had scattered obviously in the front lawn.


This morning’s hunt was much more successful. In fact, after the first round and the ceremonial dumping of candy, we re-hid the eggs again and again because he had so much fun looking for them. It was warm enough for shorts but so wet he was running around in his rain boots. That’s the Northwest for you!

Here’s to a fabulous April.


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