Finally, There’s an App for That

When Future President was born, I searched the App store for a “Baby Book” so I could track all those “firsts” – first time rolling over, first time holding the bottle by himself, first diaper blow out, etc. Instead, all of those firsts are recorded all over the place: on Facebook, on this blog, in my journal, in texts to my husband, on a physical calendar, everywhere.

I did find a great app called Momento that sort of worked to fill the void, but I didn’t back it up and lost a whole bunch of data. Anyway, yeah, back up your data. You’ll be sad you didn’t.

But, good news: there’s a new app that really is a digital version of a Baby Book where you can record all the firsts. You can upload video, quotes, milestones and more into a single place. And if you have more than one child you can create separate accounts for both of them! And better yet, you can share accounts with your spouse so you can both upload milestones and share special moments. So while junior is crawling while you’re at work, Dad can get it on video, upload it and send it your way. (Ok, let’s hope junior waits until you get home!) It’s very, very cool. Check out Notabli while it’s free in the App store.



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