Freebie Roundup: Starbucks, Music, and a Book!

I’ve been meaning to post a few freebies that are just too good to pass up. So here you go!

First up: Starbucks. Hidden in my Starbucks app is a free tall macchiato, to be used by March 26th. I also had a 50% off coupon to be used by today, March 19.

Free tall macchiato

Second: since most of us can’t afford to fly to SXSW to listen to a bunch of great music, NPR has kindly compiled 71 songs to download for free. And if that’s not enough music for you, check out Noise Trade, where you can download Josh Ritter’s Live at the Iveagh Gardens right now.

Third: for a limited time, you can download The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown from iBooks, presumably to promote the upcoming release of his book, Inferno. If you haven’t read it, it’s a fast, fun read. (The movie was, um, not as fun.) [Update: it’s also free for Kindle here.]


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