Buy this Keyboard

At work I use a standing desk, but periodically need to sit for various reasons. I had been using an Apple bluetooth keyboard when typing on my computer and iPad, but was having problems syncing between the computer, the keyboard, the iPad and then back to the computer. The computer wouldn’t forget the keyboard and would continually try to sync between keyboard and computer even while I was using the keyboard with the iPad.

And since I’ve had a lot of back pain lately, I have had to sit down more than I’ve liked to work. Which means I’ve been switching between computer and iPad more frequently. A coworker told me about this keyboard, a non-Apple product that seemed to solve the problem of synching devices with a bluetooth keyboard amongst multiple Apple devices. Ironic, eh?

It really works. Out of the box, you sync the keyboard to up to three devices. I paired it with my computer, my iPad and my iPhone. Now, the keyboard permanently remembers these three devices. To switch device, I just press F1, F2 or F3 and I can immediately begin using the keyboard with the device I have synced with that button.

If you regularly use more than one device with a wireless keyboard and need a reliable keyboard that syncs seamlessly, I highly recommend the Logitech K811.


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