Friday Reads

Why You Never Truly Leave High School
A fascinating article about how and why high school follows us and follows us.

At 24, the princesses had lower self-esteem than the brainy girls, which certainly wasn’t true when they were 16. But Eccles sees no inconsistency in this finding. In fact, she suspects it will hold true when she completes her follow-up with the same sample at 40. “Princesses are caught up in this external world that defines who they are,” says Eccles, “whereas if brainy girls claim they’re smart, that probably is who they are.” (From New York magazine.)

Death in Singapore
An American engineer is dead, Singapore authorities declare suicide, but his parents believe he may have been involved in a project that compromised U.S. national security. (From the Financial Times.)

Jim Parsons is featured in Los Angeles Magazine talking about his first time visiting L.A. and what a difference it is to live there now. “I have to say you make a big mistake by underestimating the tanned brain in L.A.”

More Kids? Heck, No!
Maybe you don’t have any kids. Or you have one (or two, or three). Shouldn’t people just mind their own business and leave the family planning to you?


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