Goodbye, Google Reader

Goodbye Google Reader

When I logged into Google Reader this morning – as I do every morning – this is the message I saw.  July 1 is a long ways off, I know. But Google Reader is part of my every day work flow. I use it to monitor law and library-related blogs that help me stay relevant in a constantly changing world. Of course, I also use it for personal uses, but I at work it is one of my most valuable tools.

So, now what?

Of course, I combed Twitter this morning and the usual blogs (ironic, eh?) to see what the usual suspects were saying. The big push is to go the “magazine” route – something like Flipboard, Zite, Pulse or even another Google product, like Currents. I am not a fan of these products. I like the way Google Reader looks and the way it feeds into other products, like NetNewsWire, which is blogging app I use on my iPhone.

Mashable has recommended Feedly, The Old Reader or NewsBlur if you prefer the way Google Reader looks and feels. I tried NewsBlur last night and did not like it, especially because it’s a “freemium” model.

Other suggestions include the Reeder app for Mac, Omea Reader, and even the old Mozilla Firefox standby, Sage. For even more suggestions, check out 20 Alternatives to Google Reader.

For now, I’m switching to Feedly. I know I don’t have to make the switch until July. But because blogs and their feeds are part of my daily work flow, I feel like this needs to happen now. And even though petitions have already been created to get Google to change its mind, as one Twitter user aptly put it, if Google is canceling this service, they have done their research to support their decision.

Farewell, Google Reader, old friend.


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