Curly Haired Girl

I did it. I went to Anita and told her it was time for a change.


So she cut my hair for curls. Nothing drastic. It’s not short. No bangs so I don’t have to bring out the straightener if I don’t want to. Just trimmed and thinned and magically all better until nine weeks from now when I’ll need to do it all over again.

Here are some things she taught me:

Moisture is a curly haired girls’ best friend. That means no sulfates in your shampoo or conditioner. Buy moisturizing shampoo and give your hair a leave-in shine or conditioner two or three days per week.

“Invest” in a cheap spray bottle, all-purpose metal curl pins, a diffuser and a good curl defining cream. My stylist recommends Bamboo products like the Super-Natural Curl Shaping and Defining Cream. I hate how some of the mouse and gels I’ve used in the past have made my hair feel wet and sticky all day long. This type of cream defines the curl without leaving that kind of texture.


The other trick is a cone-shaped curling wand that doesn’t have a clamp. You just wrap a few pieces of hair, say four or five, on each side of your part for a few seconds, and you’re set.

Speaking of your part, you should not part your hair straight. A zig zag part is best to avoid the “open book” look. This also gives your curl more definition on the top of your head, rather than an inch or half an inch of straight hair right off of the root.

Diffusing hair doesn’t have to be hard. If your hair dryer didn’t come with a diffuser, you can buy a universal diffuser that will fit on your hair dryer. After you’ve added your curl defining cream, start diffusing the front section, then sides, then the back. Hold the diffuser up to your head until you can’t stand the heat. It’s best to NOT diffuse until your hair is completely dry. Air drying is fine after you’ve defined the curls as much as they need. Oh, and if you can’t diffuse the back of your hair very well, it’s probably going to be okay. The back of your hair will probably look fine. (Spoiler alert: this is totally true!)

Second day hair: you can use the spray bottle with water to add moisture to your hair, then use oil or shine to help define curls, especially at the top of the head. This is where the curling wand really comes in handy. Just grab a few pieces and curl for a few seconds. It’s really amazing.

Third and forth day hair: down or up! Of course it’s up to you and the emotional needs of your hair. You think I’m joking.

And truer words have never been spoken: curly hair is emotional. You don’t know what’s going to happen day to day. Curly hair does what it wants to based on the weather in your house, the humidity outside, everything. One day you will diffuse and go and you will be rocking your curls. Other days you will not. Curly hair does what it wants.


3 thoughts on “Curly Haired Girl

  1. A’s hair is curly now, too (and long!). It was always completely straight (ha) but something about a combo of her meds and turning 30 made her hair pretty curly. It’s wild, but I think she loves it!

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