Imagination Station

We signed up Future President for the Messy Toddlers class at the Portland Children’s Museum and his first class was on Sunday. What a hit!

He got to paint rocks, get his hands dirty in cold mud, paint the inside of a paper tent, go fishing with magnets and paperclip fish and throw stamps at a board braced for impact from a toddler who loves to aim at things! He also got to go through an obstacle course constructed out of a yarn and pillows, creating a perfectly sized tunnel.


Afterward, he got to play in the Children’s Museum for a while before we went outside to climb around on the train that’s parked outside the World Forestry Center.

We have three more classes to attend. This really is the perfect Sunday morning outing. No traffic to contend with, he’s wide awake and ready to go, and we get to see our good friends there and can play afterward in the museum for free. If you have a toddler in the Portland area who loves to get dirty in parent-sanctioned ways, I definitely recommend this class!



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