We finally watched another Oscar-nominated movie this weekend. Argo is available on iTunes to rent or buy.

We tried to see this movie in the theater with some friends who are also parents. When we got to the theater, the attendant told us that it wasn’t actually playing that night because the newest installment of the Twilight movies was opening at midnight. Would we like to come back tomorrow? We just looked at her incredulously. We had both successfully secured babysitting, all cleared our schedules to see a movie we ALL could agree on, and now we couldn’t see it. And yes, it showed up on the cinema’s website. Since we weren’t going to give up a child-free night, we settled on Skyfall. And that’s how I ended up seeing a James Bond movie. In the theater. But I couldn’t pass up date night. Plus, Adele sings the theme song. So, rant over.

Argo is a great movie. It’s an extremely Hollywood-ized version of the real story, but it’s a great movie nonetheless. It’s one of those movies that you watch on the edge of your seat, even though you know how it’s going to end. I came to work this morning and exclaimed to a colleague that it was a great period piece and she just started laughing. But seriously, as someone who was not alive in the 1970s, I felt like I was living it. They did everything so well: costumes, cinematography, music and facial hair. I also really liked that it made me want to read everything about that controversial time in our nation’s history as well as Tony Mendez’ book, Master of Disguise.


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