Bebe Day by Day

I had the opportunity to attend the Pamela Druckerman reading yesterday afternoon, a sold-out event sponsored by the Alliance Francaise de Portland.

She introduced her new book, Bebe Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting, the non-memoir parenting book based on her first memoir, Bringing up Bebe. As much as I loved the Q&A and her common-sense advice on parenting toddlers, the part that touched me most was her description of how she is trying to raise American children in France. This task is further complicated by the fact that her husband is British. She described how she picks and chooses the American things she wants to teach her children. Thanksgiving is too much cooking so that holiday is skipped. Fourth of July is combined with Bastille Day.

But there are important qualities Americans posses that she doesn’t want her children to lose, like optimism and entrepreneurialism. This struck me because I grew up in a different country and to this day do not feel as American as I probably should. We identity as third-culture kids, never really belonging but belonging everywhere.

When I met her at the book signing, I told Ms. Druckerman that her kids will be just fine. It’s hard growing up as a kid without a country, but it does get better.


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