Dear Barnes & Noble

I want to buy Bringing Up Bebe before the Pamela Druckerman event today. I want her to autograph a copy for me and thank her personally for the advice that literally allowed me to forgive myself for my parenting (ex. crying it out).

So I went to Barnes and Noble. The online price was exactly the same as the Amazon price. However the price in store was list-price only. I asked a salesperson if it was possible to match their OWN online price. It was a $10 price difference. This is impossible, I was informed. However, I could get the cheaper online price if I ordered it in the store and they shipped it to me at home. But they didn’t want my money right then and there and I was not willing to pay an extra $10 for the exact item I could have ordered from the same bookseller. This makes no sense.

I wanted to give them my money. Instead I left the store without spending anything. I would rather give the host bookstore my money later today than a bookstore that will not even honor it’s own online price.


2 thoughts on “Dear Barnes & Noble

  1. That sort of thing is infuriating! And they wonder why their customer base is shrinking.

    I struggle with this, but not so much B&N, because I have never been a fan, but with Powell’s. I no longer live ten minutes (walk) away, so I spend very little money there. I will check their prices for used books, but it’s rare they have what I’m looking for. If they do, it’s usually 10x what I can find via Amazon’s affiliated used book merchants, and even if Powell’s carries it, it’s often with one of *their* affiliates, and therefore not in the store. If it is in stock, I have to mess with driving and parking. I could pay them to ship it, but then I’m in the boat of still getting it cheaper elsewhere.

    So I would say out of the last 20-30 books I’ve purchased online, maybe two enticed me to drive downtown to pick them up at Powell’s (after buying them online and having them taken upstairs). Once I’m actually in Powell’s, I’ll spend all kinds of money and I’ll find things I didn’t even know I wanted. But that’s an entirely different story. 😉

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