A Valentine’s Birthday

Today my son turns two. At this moment two years ago, I was lying in a hospital bed in Salt Lake City. I’m pretty sure I had just been given an epidural, and the spouse had finally arrived from his work trip four hours south. 

Now that he’s old enough to sort of understand the concept of birthdays, we have to decide how to celebrate both a birthday and Valentine’s Day. Luckily I have two friends with the same birthday, so they can provide some guidance on how to properly celebrate being a Valentine’s Baby. 

So far we’ve decided:

  1. The spouse and I will go out for Valentine’s Day the week of his birthday, but not on it, since we want to celebrate together. 
  2. If we have a birthday party, we will hold it the weekend before or after the birthday so his friends (and their parents) can properly celebrate Valentine’s Day. 
  3. No Valentine’s-themed birthday parties. This year it’s Sesame Street. 

Do you have a birthday that falls on another holiday? What do you do to make it special? My husband’s grandmother turned 95 on Christmas Eve. We always get her two presents, one for her birthday and one for Christmas. Someone makes a birthday pie and we celebrate her birthday before we open Christmas presents. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy birthday to Future President!Image


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