The First Getaway

The husband and I went on our first getaway without Future President this weekend. We braced ourselves for the worst: a phone call from the grandparents, informing us of a marathon screaming session and that we should get in the car to start driving back in the middle of the night. Instead, he did wonderfully without us. When we arrived to pick him up, he acted like we were arriving home from work, super chill, happy to see us. Whatevs.

Here are a few instagrams from our trip away from home:


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Skipping rocks? Or giant bubbling holes in the pond? #getaway

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Failed in our quest to sleep in. But the sunrise was beautiful. #getaway

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Perfection. #getaway #sunriver

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If you’re planning a getaway without your toddler, here are some tips to ensure things go smoothly:

  1. Write your will and health care power of attorney at least a few weeks before you go. We waited until the day before we left. Of course, I’m glad these important documents are completed. But really, why wait?
  2. Don’t call home. They’ll call you if you they need you. Really.
  3. Don’t talk about your kid too much.
  4. Don’t count on sleeping in. Future President is almost 2 years old. Apparently our bodies have been programmed NOT to sleep in. One morning we made it until 7:35, the next 8:05.
  5. Eat like a child isn’t waiting to be fed. We ate some really good food this weekend. Ate it really fast. I looked up from my empty plate and realized, oh yeah, I don’t have to feed a hungry little guy. Husband, on the other hand, always eats that fast.
  6. In fact, do everything as slowly as possible. Drink coffee slowly. Take long, luxurious baths. Take long walks. Read magazines in bed all morning. Read books in front of the fire. No one is waiting for you to play trucks or trains.
  7. Enjoy the smooches and “Dada, mama, home” and hugs when you get back.



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