Friday Reads

Here is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie
Fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a low-budget movie with a big-name star known for her on-set antics. This story was particularly interesting as I’m reading The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner, which is an intriguing tell-all tale about writing a pilot and becoming a showrunner in Hollywood. It’s a brutal world, one I’m not sure I’d survive, especially as I’m never, ever going to be a size 0. If you like that article, you might also enjoy:
Behind the Cover Story: Stephen Rodrick on Getting Access to Lindsay Lohan

Big Mom on Campus: Raising Two Kids in a College Dorm
And I thought it was hard raising ONE toddler in my in-laws relatively large house! The author’s observations about motherhood are hilarious.

Pride and Prejudice – and politics
In my opinion, it’s Austen’s greatest work. This article looks at the historical events that were happening during her time.

The Changing Face of “Nerds” (and Autism) in Popular Culture
Truer, more accurate portrayals of autistic characters on TV are helping shape our understanding of autism, thanks to Abed (Community), Brick (The Middle), and Max (Parenthood).

Coming Home: Returning to Parenting After 16 Months on the Campaign Trail
“Try to give your kids the benefit of your experience, love, and discipline—so that they can leave you strong.”

Friday Reads, Part 1 (12.7.12) here; Part 2 (12.14.12) here; Part 3 (12.21.12) here; Part 4 (1.11.13) here.


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