This blog post is devoted to the show Parenthood. Don’t worry: if you haven’t started watching, there’s only one spoiler at the very bottom of the post.

I can’t believe my husband didn’t force me to sit on the couch and watch it with him three years ago. (And can we just step back a minute and muse for a minute: my husband, the NCIS-loving, Band of Brothers-owning guy, LOVES this show.)

I am obsessed with it. The first three seasons are streaming on Netflix, so you should stop whatever you are doing and watch it immediately. I’m on episode 5 of season 3. I’ve even abandoned Downton Abbey and Revenge (let’s face it, that show is pure soap opera!) to devote all my TV time to this show.

The characters are so well-written and I connect with so many of them: Julia, the lawyer, the buttoned-up, follow-the-rules woman; Hattie, the oldest child, responsible, truth-teller; Camille, the mother, artist, still trying to find her place in the world. Almost every episode makes me cry. It’s so relatable, too. As much as I loved Brothers & Sisters, how many of us could afford that house, knew someone running for Senate? Parenthood is steeped in reality. Yes, some of the situations are untenable, but the family and their stories seem to come from the writers’ lives they are so real.

{Spoiler alert} If my gushing hasn’t convinced you to watch this show, the chemistry between Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter should!


2 thoughts on “Parenthood

  1. I’m just sad because they almost canceled the show after last season, so I figure it has to be getting the axe this year. This season is the best thus far, too.

    • When my co-worker told me they almost canceled the show last season, I almost had a heart attack! I’m keeping my fingers crossed this isn’t the last season. It needs to be on long enough for Jabbar to graduate from high school, at least.

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