Almost There

Last night, my husband and I were on a last-minute date night, thrown together by a one-car commute and traffic on the I-5 bridge. Why fight traffic when we could get sushi, stop by REI for some gloves I’ve been wanting that happened to be on clearance and still make it home at the same time as if we’d left right after work?

The most convenient, away-from-traffic REI is at the Clackamas Town Center. I hadn’t been there since the horrific shooting that left two people dead right before Christmas. As I drove there, a feeling of dread sunk into my stomach. I wasn’t even planning to go into the mall. REI is part of the outdoor shopping area adjacent to the mall. Granted, it’s on mall property. I had to park in the mall parking lot if I wanted to shop there.

As I parked the car, I was grateful Future President wasn’t with us. If something bad happened, he wouldn’t be there to see it. I squeezed my husband’s arm hard as we walked toward REI and gave a bearded man holding an REI bag a suspicious glance.

Nothing happened. I bought my gloves. We went home. We were fine. But I don’t know if or when I can go into that mall.


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