Hungry for Au Gratin

Cottage cheese loaf requires an accompanying potato dish, doesn’t it? Friday night I was feeling much better so I made gluten-free cottage cheese loaf, gluten steaks for my cottage cheese loaf hating husband and decided we needed something extra fattening to go along with our uber-Adventist dinner. We already had Martinelli’s on the menu.

Ree Drummond did it again. Her perfect potato au gratin are amazing. Make them for supper tonight. Make a double batch because you will want them for breakfast.

I modified the recipe because I wanted this to be gluten free. I didn’t use any flour and used pre-chopped garlic in a jar. I also used half-and-half and heavy cream because I was out of milk and I used shredded cheese because I’m too lazy to shred my own. I also used red potatoes with the skins on because that’s all I had on hand.

Do not skip the step of buttering the bottom of the baking dish or baking the potatoes with foil for the first 30 minutes.

I will probably make this again this week the potatoes were so good. Bad for anyone dieting but oh so delicious.


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