I’ve been thinking about Mary a lot today. However you feel about the Bible and the story of Jesus’ birth, bear with me while we think about the details of that night. Even if the whole thing is made up, whoever thought up the story had a wild imagination. And if it’s true, woman deserves Mother of All Time award.

Mother, about the burst, riding on a donkey. Maybe her water had already broken. Or was it all that riding that did it? But then they get to Bethlehem and there is no room. No room! Labor. Contractions. A baby is coming and there is no room for this poor woman to lie down. Until finally some inn keeper takes pity and says they can stay in his barn.

Yes, we are talking about the olden days, but even back then a mother would FREAK OUT about giving birth among animals. The smell. The dirt. The poop. And yet that’s what she did. She gave birth – unassisted? Who was there to help her? Did Joseph man up and catch the baby and cut the umbilical cord?

And then all these strangers started showing up to meet the baby. The poor woman. She must have been exhausted after riding in on that donkey and giving birth amongst those animals. She just wants to sleep and learn how to breastfeed and sleep and who are all these people?!?!

She is often depicted with a halo around her head. I didn’t think much of it until now but it is well deserved. The Bible was written by men, right? What’s your story, Mary?

Merry Christmas. Thank you, Mary, for courageously bringing a baby into the world in one of the weirdest and worst labor and delivery suites.


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