Let Your Heart Hold Fast

How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows on TV. At least from the perspective of a married couple that lives with the husband’s parents, has one child, and sort of figures life has to turn around one of these days. Right? 

In the last few seasons, HIMYM has rightfully turned a bit dour. It’s taken an emotional downward spiral as Ted continues to wonder where and if he will meet Mrs. Right. Robin wonders if she and Barney are actually meant to be together and Barney gets engaged to the wrong woman. Robin’s career takes many wrong turns before she finally lands on her feet. Ted’s career also careens in many directions. Ted, Robin and Marshall all sacrifice the lofty ideals of their young adulthood just to pay the bills and to work. Lilly and Marshall experience heartache at the loss of his father and the joy at the birth of their son. Marshall loses his job and then gets a new one, but one that doesn’t pay enough that Lilly can stay home with Marvin.

And while the show is NOT realistic in the sense that these young 30 somethings live in mansions by NYC standards and wear fantastics clothes (did you see Robin’s owl sweater a few episodes ago? Yeah, that was Burberry. $1200.), it touches on so many themes that tell me the writers just get it.

The economy sucks. People are out of work, underemployed, selling their souls, doing what it takes to get by. This week’s episode was so wonderful. The song that played at the end, “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic was so perfect. Ted is still all alone. But we know it will get better. We do. 

“So let your heart hold fast
for this soon
shall pass
like the high 
tide takes the
sand.” – Fort Atlantic

You can download a free Fort Atlantic sampler here


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