If you visit Walla Walla…

Go directly to brunch.


The Maple Counter Cafe

I ordered the Dubliner omelet with a side of breakfast potatoes and gluten-free toast. Divine! The corned beef coupled with the Swiss cheese in the omelet was the perfect amount of salty. The jam accompanying the toast was wonderfully sweet. This breakfast was enough for two to share. In my case, I had enough omelet left to eat for supper! My dining companion (DC) had the breakfast special: egg nog French toast, which she said was delightful. She also had enough left for supper.

Bacon & Eggs

I had the Migas, which was accompanied with hash browns and topped with pico de gallo and sour cream. Very delicious, especially if you love onions like I do. DC had the basics: scrambled eggs, toast with jam (two-thumbs up!), hash browns and fruit. It was mouth-watering good and I can’t wait to go back. They serve Stumptown coffee with heavy cream and sugar, which is exactly how I like my coffee. DC has been a die-hard black coffee drinker ever since I’ve known her, but I have photographic proof she poured heavy cream into her Stumptown coffee and enjoyed the milky goodness!


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