The Getaway

I’m blogging from a top secret location tonight, where I’ve escaped for a short getaway/girls’ weekend. I love being a parent but I firmly believe that I am a better and more loving parent when I have decompressed with friends over long toddler-free dinners, movies, shopping and chats that don’t involve trains.

Even if you don’t have a whole weekend, you can take an hour or even 20 minutes for your own personal getaway. One trick my husband and I have learned is to switch mornings. On the days our schedules allow it, we switch off which mornings we each get up with Future President. This way both of us aren’t up with him at 6:15 or 6:45 or 7, whatever time he decides to get up. This way the other parent gets to sleep in on their morning off. I love our system and I hope our schedules continue to allow us to do this. Or, Future President, maybe you could sleep in until 8?


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