Gluten Free Holiday Goodies

I’ve been gluten-free since the end of June. I also stopped drinking diet soda. These were health decisions that were really hard to make but were the right choices for me. In the long run I know I’m doing the right thing for my own health. But it is so, so hard.

To replace diet soda, which was my go-to lunch drink, I drink green tea. And to replace my precious bread…well, I still haven’t found a great replacement. I just don’t eat bread. This is especially hard now that everyone has decided to bring goodies to the staff room, like donuts and cranberry walnut bread.

So if you have a gluten-free friend like me, here are some gluten-free friendly holiday goodies you can take to a holiday party or staff break room:


One thought on “Gluten Free Holiday Goodies

  1. Have you tried Udi’s (or Rudi’s) gluten-free bread? It’s not GREAT if you eat it dry …. but toasting or grilling it makes it taste identical to regular bread! I actually never used to eat bread until I had to go gluten-free …. now I eat it all the time!

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