Holiday Movies

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can pull out a few movie titles and watch them without that “It’s not Christmas yet” feeling. Do you have any holiday movie traditions?

Traditionally, my family has always watched Better off Dead around Christmas. This holiday tradition started a long, long time ago. My family and my dad’s twin’s family would watch it every Christmas we were together. We can all recite it. Apparently it’s an acquired taste, though, because each new family member that’s been added by marriage doesn’t seem to appreciate it like we do. 

The Holiday, however, is a movie both my husband and I really like. We even own it on DVD. I want to live in Kate Winslet’s house. 

Home Alone is another holiday favorite of mine, as is White Christmas. It’s one of the few old musical films I enjoy. 

My family also has another tradition of watching The Snowman on Christmas Eve. It’s a British film that my mom fell in love with while we lived in Hong Kong. It’s a beautiful cartoon with orchestral music. “Walking in the Air” is the most famous song from this short film. 


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