Instagram Magnets

Are you obsessed with Instagram like I am? Instead of learning how to use the big, scary camera, I get to use my iPhone and apply filters and *BAM*, the picture kind of, sort of looks like I know what I’m doing.

The problem is printing and displaying. Unlike the fancy camera, Instagram photos are not high resolution and if printed as a regular size photo in 4×6 or 5×7 they look awful. They are just not meant to be that large. But some of them are so wonderful they need to be displayed.

I found a service called Stickygram from the great country of Britain that prints 9 Instagram photos as a sheet of magnets. They are mailed to you without charging any additional shipping costs! Woohoo! I’ve used them before and while I wasn’t thrilled at the amount of magnetism to hold up paper on the fridge, this is the perfect Christmas present for the hard-to-shop for family member or friend.

And right now they are offering a $2 discount for first-time Stickygram shoppers. Use the code FRIEND196L to get your discount. Happy shopping.


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