Today I am thankful for family. Thirteen of us gathered at my current home -my in-laws’ house and had a great meal. In fact, some people are still downstairs visiting. I’m so tired because Future President woke up at 5:45 this morning and I didn’t nap while my parents had him at their house watching the parade. Sigh. When will I learn?

Maybe it’s because my grandma is gone but I love talking to my husband’s grandma. She will be 95 this year.

Tonight she told me this story.

When she was six, her brother was hospitalized because after an appendectomy he got gangrene. He charmed all the doctors and nurses and over the course of his stay they would give him pennies and nickels and even dimes. By the end of his stay he had a whole hand full of coins.

That December their father was going to take the three oldest children to see the Christmas lights and to do some Christmas shopping. Grandma was so excited to go. But she couldn’t because she got tonsillitis. She was so sad. Her brother had $1 left of the handful of money. While he was in town he saw a doll with black ringlets that reminded him of her so he bought it for her for 49 cents. He gave it to her for her birthday, which is Christmas Eve. She was so impressed that he would spend half of his remaining money on his older sister.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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