Pre-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

This year we are lucky because we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sides of the family on two different days with lots of (meatless) food. Future President will be entertained by aunts and uncles and (great)grandmas and grandpas and hopefully will be so exhausted by all the fun he sleeps in past 6:45 a.m. I would be so thankful.

Today I am thankful for the small, little things that make life that much easier and enjoyable for Future President and me:

  1. Eggnog lattes
  2. Leftover sushi
  4. Spellcheck
  5. Firetrucks
  6. Trains
  7. School buses
  8. Monkeys
  9. Trucks
  10. iMessage
  11. Library books
  12. Free tea from the staff room
  14. Siri
  15. Google Voice
  16. Netflix
  17. Costco
  18. Living Social
  19. Photo Stream
  20. Google Chrome*

*Google Chrome is amazing. I can’t believe I just switched browsers. Believe me – I’ve been a loyal Firefox user for four or five years. I just switched to Google Chrome a few weeks ago and immediately noticed a difference in speed. It is so much faster.


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