Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Have a Conversation about a Binky

Last night, as we’re putting Future President to bed, we are talking to him about his binky. We both hate it, but can’t seem to make the leap into that giant binky-less world.

Mr. J.D. (my husband, the lawyer): How about we try this – you can only have it on good days, when you’ve obeyed Mommy and Daddy?

FP: Nods head yes. He has his binky, finally, as bed time and nap time are the only times he gets it any more. He’s nodding because he’s happy, I think.

Mrs. J.D. (me, non-practicing J.D.): That’s not consideration! He doesn’t know what he just agreed to!

Mr. J.D.: Yes he does. And this contract doesn’t include a force majeure, my son.

Mrs. J.D.: FP, you don’t know what you’ve just agreed to.

Mr. J.D.: Yes, you do, right? There’s been adequate consideration. The contract is sufficient.

My poor child.


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