The Quest for the Perfect Holiday Card Picture

Now that we have a kid, I have more reason to send snail mail around the winter holidays. Last year’s picture was so good. Our friends let us crash their beautiful backyard, which was decorated for Christmas, and we used our own camera and our friend C jumped around and made funny faces behind the camera while K took the pictures. Perfect lighting. Perfect grin by Future President.

This year JC Penny is giving away free portraits during the month of November. This includes the sitting fee, an 8×10 and the digital image. I generally am not a big fan of studio portraits but since it’s free, I can’t pass it up. I would much rather have someone like Ben Blood or Melissa McFadden take our holiday photos but this year free works better for our budget. So I’m really hoping Future President sits still and grins adorably just like last year. The best part is that this whole ordeal is free so if the pictures are awful we can just play with the big chess set at the mall and call it a day.


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