Politics isn’t my thing. When we lived in D.C., I felt like a fish out of water because I didn’t have a strong opinion about a lot of the political issues of the time. I went to a very liberal law school. The day after Bush was re-elected students wore black in mourning. I just rolled my eyes. However, I’m married to an extremely political man whose political views differ from most of my friends (and sometimes me). So I’m surrounded my politics, sort of by proxy.

In fact, when we first met, I was working on our college newspaper and he was working on our college radio station (there were like 8 listeners). He and his co-host would bug the newspaper staff to listen to boost their “ratings.” The newspaper offices were across the hall from the radio station/cafe, so they would pop in to say hi and beg us to call in to their show. They talked about Iraq all the time. How good it was the U.S. was invading. I strongly disagreed. I never called in but we would argue about that a lot. Then we started dating/arguing.

Anyway, I don’t read a lot about politics. I don’t listen to a lot of political radio. I just don’t. Maybe it’s because my husband talks about it all the time and I’m apathetic.

But today is a day I feel patriotic. The most patriotic I’ve ever felt is after 9-11. I felt a deep, stirring sense of love for this country. I would tear up whenever I heard or sang the National Anthem. And I feel patriotic today. Even though I voted a few weeks ago, I love that as a country we have this democratic process that we do together. Regardless of the outcome, I love what is happening right now.


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