The Haircut Catastrophe

Future President’s first haircut was at 17 months. We took him to a kid-only place with car-like seats, individual TVs, and candy. He could pick out a movie, lean back in his fancy seat and enjoy being pampered. Not.

It went spectacularly awful. I eventually had to hold him and didn’t think to ask to have a drape put over me. While he wailed and squirmed I got slimed with wet hair. The only plus side to that experience was the special certificate they gave us for baby’s first hair cut and a baggy with a few clippings of his beautiful curls.

Fast forward a few months. He needed another haircut so we decided to try it ourselves. I started with scissors but he was so wiggly I knew it would be impossible. So we go out DS’s clippers. He was terrified. We only managed to get part of his hair before his screams became so frantic we had to stop.

Today was haircut number three. We’re taking Christmas photos next week so we wanted a decent haircut. Upon the recommendation of a friend we took him to a local barber shop. He screamed so loudly the other men getting their hair cut couldn’t hear the game. Luckily it was over in about five minutes and looks exceptionally better than our last go.

I’m hoping this is not like white coat syndrome, as I’m pretty sure he’s never growing out of that.


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