Happy Halloween!

For whatever reason, I don’t have many Halloween memories from childhood. The only costume that sticks out in my memory is when I dressed up as Pippi Longstocking. My hair was long enough for those two long braids and I remember my mom fashioning wire hangers to help the braids stick out from the sides of my head.

In college, we didn’t go to Halloween parties. We went to Barn parties. Where we didn’t dance. We square danced. Because square dancing isn’t dancing and a costume-themed barn party is not a Halloween party. SDAs are funny like that.

Halloween is infinitely more exciting now that we have a child. In our pre-kid years, we’d leave the house during prime trick-or-treating hours, go out to dinner, shop, anything to avoid the candy hounds. Now I can’t wait to dress him up in his costume and in fact put him in his Halloween-themed garb for a week before the main event.

Last year he was Tigger. He was tired and it was cold. So we went to Costco instead of trick-or-treating.

My Tigger

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This year he was a pumpkin. He got to go trick-or-treating with Nanny and got candy, a toothbrush, a pencil and a bucket. He also went to the crowded mall, where the DS vows we will never, ever go again for Halloween.

Happy Halloween.

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