Dear Roomie

You’re getting married on Saturday. I’m so excited for this upcoming reunion, a chance to meet the man who won your heart and to reminisce and giggle and swoon with the girls.

Remember the day we moved into Conard Hall? It was so important to me that we have matching bedspreads. I still have that pink and green floral bedspread. It’s been used as a packing blanket the multiple times I’ve moved across country. I can’t bear to throw it away.

The first year we lived in Conard was punctured by the pipes rattling and late night candy runs to Safeway. Remember when we went to Spokane and got lost on the way home? I think it took us 8 hours to drive from Spokane to College Place. Remember when every phone call we got was from the Biology boys, swooning over you?

The second year we lived in Foreman. What an upgrade! You were always so much more daring than I – sunbathing topless on the roof, inviting a certain boy to our room to “fix the computer.” I will never forget the morning I woke up, sat up in bed and saw him whispering with you. I laid back down and pretended to go back to sleep until he left.

There are so many more memories. The time you were Esther and I was Tootie, you with your amazing voice and me, with the doll whose head fell off during a show, and neither of us broke character. The time we went to NYC to visit law schools and the transit workers went on strike. The time we ran out of gas driving from Clackamas to Battle Ground. The dance parties. The late night study sessions. The glorious espresso at your grandparents’ in Pennsylvania.

You amaze me. You are one of the bravest people I know. You made the LSAT look easy. You went to one of the best law schools in the country. You go camping in national parks by yourself. You’re a foreign service officer. You are living your dream.

I’m so sad we keep missing each other on opposite coasts. But I am so excited for you and these new adventures – a new career, a new marriage.

Rock on, sister friend. I love you.


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